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THRIVING Through The Journey: A Guide to Living Your Best Life Right Now

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Mom on laptop next to her child on the floor.

As a Professional Black Woman, Wife, Mom, and Educator, I am constantly juggling the various parts of my life. While I’ve sought to achieve balance, over time, I’ve learned that seeking fulfillment is more realistic and attainable than seeking this idealized or even romanticized version of all things being equal in my life. Through my lived experience, I have learned some valuable lessons that have helped me to maintain and excel in different parts of my life when everything seems chaotic. Over the years, I have turned those lessons into practical strategies and a way of life, which has helped me to thrive in my current reality and live my best life right now, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you so we can learn and grow together!

I'm so excited to share my THRIVE framework with you all! It's the culmination of years of experiences, mentorships, and coaching in my personal and professional life. This acronym stands for:

  • Transform

  • Have Healthy Habits

  • Rest

  • Identify Your Core Values

  • Visualize Victories

  • Enjoy

This simple but powerful framework isn't just a tool to help guide you on your journey to life fulfillment, but also an anchor for us to share our celebrations and challenges with each other as we go from surviving to thriving.

Black and brown women face unique challenges and obstacles in our personal and professional lives every day and being in community together provides us with a safe space to navigate this journey. THRIVE Life Coaching creates space for women to work through these challenges and obstacles by learning and applying strategies that are authentic to their identity and aligned to their core values.

We are all on this journey together as we continue to grow and develop. It's okay not to have it all figured out at this very moment. As your coach, I use my own experiences, lessons learned, tools, and strategies to help guide you in authentically creating your best life now! And by the way, this framework is something you can hold on to when you face life's next big/small transition.

Visit our THRIVE blog page for a collection of tools, stories, and advice from those who are in the process of or have successfully THRIVED through life’s challenges and seasons. I will feature real-life experiences and unique perspectives on how to become the best version of yourself where you will become your own guide to living your best life right now.

THRIVE-to-Action | Transform:

Take the challenge today! Identify your ideal state vs. reality and begin asking yourself targeted questions within each area of life that can bridge the gap between them.



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